WHERE ARE WE?Region Srem

The region of Srem extends over an area of 3486km2. The population of Srem district makes 311,053 inhabitants (according to census 2011), i.e. 16.23% of the total population of Vojvodina or 4.37% of the gross population of the Republic of Serbia. In the region of Srem there are 7 municipalities with 109 residential areas. Since the region is mainly suitable for agricultural production, for its fertile soil and suitable climate for production of wine, especially on the slopes of Fruska Gora (73% of the area is arable land), the gross of the population, 55%, is of rural type.
The district of Srem has an excellent geostrategic position since it is situated on two Pan-European Corridors: Corridor VII – The Danube corridor – in the length of 45 km and Corridor X from two directions : Belgrade – Zagreb Highway in the length of 72km and Belgrade – Novi Sad Highway in the length of 38km. According to the spatial plan of the Republic of Serbia, part of the Srem district belongs to the MEGA development zone, which means that the Srem region belongs to the central development area of the Republic of Serbia, favorable for further economic development, infrastructure development and further investment. This area has experienced expansion in the last few years in terms of attracting investment and putting free space in the function of work zones such as the municipalities of Ruma, Indjija, St. Pazove and Pećinci. The comparative advantage is extremely high quality agricultural land and intensive agriculture as a traditionally represented development branch.

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