WHAT WE DO?Mission and Vision

The Vision of RDA Srem is to be the link between public, private and civil society in building strategic partnerships through the preparation and implementation of projects that contribute to the improvement of living standards and more balanced regional development in the region of Srem, in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and in the Republic Serbia as a whole.

The Mission of the RDA Srem is improvement of the quality of standards of living for the population of the district of Srem. This will be achieved by joint activities of the municipalities and other interested sides in the region that will create a competitive environment for the implementation of the projects, development of public and private enterprises providing new employment possibilities and improving the life quality of the citizens in the region. It is also important to promote regional development by using both local and national resources as well as available national and international funds and to draw attention of foreign investors in the region of Srem.

The Regional Development Agency of Srem was established by a contract signed in Ruma on 22.4.2010, by six municipalities on the territory of Srem (Indjija, Irig, Pecinci, Ruma, Stara Pazova, Sid), the city of Sremska Mitrovica and the Srem Chamber of Commerce.

On February 7, 2012, the Regional Development Agency Srem was officially accredited to perform activities of importance for balanced regional development in the Srem district by the National Agency for Regional Development, in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Serbia on Accreditation ("Official Gazette of RS ”, No. 74/2010) and the Law on Regional Development.

RDA Srem functions as a limited liability company d.o.o. which does not share profits and was established according to the legislation of the Republic of Serbia.

Municipality of INĐIJA (President), Municipality of IRIG (President), Municipality of PEĆINCI (President), Municipality of RUMA (President), Municipality of SR. MITROVICA (President), Municipality of STARA PAZOVA (President), Municipality of SID (President), Chamber of commerce of R. SERBIA (President), RDA Srem (Director).


As a Regional Development Agency established for the Srem district, the basic activities of the Agency are to establish and promote active regional development policy, which is the public interest of citizens, businesses and institutions in Srem, and in accordance with the conditions for regional agencies defined by the Law on Regional Development and the Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia.


  • Using the comparative advantages of the Srem district;
  • Promotion of local initiatives, innovations and entrepreneurship;
  • Creating a modern economic infrastructure;
  • Compliance with expertise and experience from other regions and areas;
  • Strengthening technological, environmental and human resources;
  • Accelerating the process of creating new quality jobs;
  • Protection of natural resources and preservation of cultural heritage.


  • Preparation of regional development programs and action plans for Srem;
  • Professional work on project preparation;
  • Harmonization of project proposals with the interests of local governments in the area of Srem, (advice, assistance and partnership in applying);
  • Support for projects aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Srem district and reducing unemployment;
  • Support for the development of skills and relevant qualifications for the needs of employees;
  • Supporting the competitiveness of companies in the region and strengthening their connectivity;
  • Participation in project groups formulated for the implementation of projects within national and international programs;
  • International, cross-border and inter-municipal cooperation;
  • Other activities in accordance with the founding act;

The main goal of regional development is to reduce the development lag of Srem in relation to other regions and the EU average, as well as to reduce intra-regional differences.
The operational goal is the preparation of joint projects of a regional character with investment in human resources and entrepreneurship, rural and sustainable development.


The region of Srem extends over an area of 3486km2. The population of Srem district makes 311,053 inhabitants (according to census 2011), i.e. 16.23% of the total population of Vojvodina or 4.37% of the gross population of the Republic of Serbia. In the region of Srem there are 7 municipalities with 109 residential areas. Since the region is mainly suitable for agricultural production, for its fertile soil and suitable climate for production of wine, especially on the slopes of Fruska Gora (73% of the area is arable land), the gross of the population, 55%, is of rural type.
The district of Srem has an excellent geostrategic position since it is situated on two Pan-European Corridors: Corridor VII – The Danube corridor – in the length of 45 km and Corridor X from two directions : Belgrade – Zagreb Highway in the length of 72km and Belgrade – Novi Sad Highway in the length of 38km. According to the spatial plan of the Republic of Serbia, part of the Srem district belongs to the MEGA development zone, which means that the Srem region belongs to the central development area of the Republic of Serbia, favorable for further economic development, infrastructure development and further investment. This area has experienced expansion in the last few years in terms of attracting investment and putting free space in the function of work zones such as the municipalities of Ruma, Indjija, St. Pazove and Pećinci. The comparative advantage is extremely high quality agricultural land and intensive agriculture as a traditionally represented development branch.

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