OLD_NEWS_ENGWith all the praise, Srem is getting closer to irrigation


zavrsna_irigacijaRegional Development Agency Srem (RDA Srem), on December the 18th hosted the Final Conference of the “Development of the General Design with the Feasibility Study of the Integrated Irrigation system of Srem Region coordinated through the process of establishment of the Inter-municipal Irrigation Working Group” project with the goal of presenting the results of the project and pointing to further activities of its realization.

The project is €423,500 worth and it is funded by the EU and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). Their participation is €288.500, while the rest of €135.000 is funded by the Srem region thanks to the development of the General Design of the Irrigation system of agricultural land in Indjija – subsystem Novi Slankamen.

The task of the project was to create the legal and organizational conditions for the development of irrigation infrastructure through the development of project documentation and feasibility studies, as well as the formation of the Inter-municipal working group with the aim of preparing and coordinating the project of irrigation.

zavrsna_irigacija_01The conference, in addition to representatives of Srem municipalities, water management companies, PWMC “Vode Vojvodine”, Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture – partners with whom the RDA Srem implemented the project, was attended by the representatives of the Austrian Development Agency and the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of the Republic of Serbia and the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Construction and Environmental Protection.

Time of realization of the project is estimated at 30 years.

Final conference was preceded by X, final session of the Inter-municipal working group for agriculture and irrigation (IMWG) in the framework of the Integrated Irrigation System of Srem Region.

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