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On September 25 and 26, in a two-day working visit to the RDA Srem, stayed Aquecon representatives of Czech companies, specialized in the conceptual and design solutions in terms of water supply and wastewater treatment. Roman Kaucky, MD and Jarmila Vicital, project manager, after intensive communication with the agency for two months, came to RDA Srem to record the current situation in the region of Srem. Many years of their experience in infrastructure projects in the EU and neighbouring countries candidates was valuable in the analysis of the problems and in planning future activities that the agency will be directed to local governments.

In a very short time, meetings were held with representatives of all municipalities in Srem and directors of public companies dealing with a given topic. On that occasion, the guests in the best possible way got the necessary data that will help in designing future conceptual solutions for the whole region or for its particular part.

We also discussed the role of RDA Srem in initiating and administering inter-municipal and regional projects as well as potential funding sources, by either national Czech funds or EU funds. The following steps were agreed and they will be a letter of intent addressed to the Czech Republic and the proposal on cooperation on infrastructure projects in the region of Srem.

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