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In the City Hall of Sremska Mitrovica an introductory conference was held on the occasion of the beginning of the implementation of the project on improving the quality of life for marginalized groups, “Boards without borders: Improving quality of life for marginalized groups through people-to-people approach” within the IPA cross-border program Croatia- Serbia.

The main applicants of the project are Red Cross from Sremska Mitrovica and the Association of Disabled Persons “Bubamara” from Vinkovci, and partners are the Centre for Social Work, Šid and Social Welfare Centre, Vinkovci. Regional Development Agency Srem was included in the project from the very beginning, i.e. from writing the project application that will provide complete technical support in the implementation process.  “We presented dozens of projects, but such positive energy and emotions we haven’t felt before,” said the director of the Regional Development Agency, Milan Miric.

It was said that this project is just a proof how the state border used to represent an opportunity for development and cooperation, especially in this case when they affect marginalized and vulnerable groups in society, such as people with disabilities, and to the elderly and infirm. Besides procurement of vehicles and equipment to help in emergency situations, specially adapted, the project includes a number of other activities that meet the needs of vulnerable groups such as free psychological, social and legal services.

The project worth of 700,000 euros, will improve the technical and organizational capacities of applicants in Srem and the Vukovar-Srijem region.

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