OLD_NEWS_ENGThe project of establishing energy management in Srem has started


studije_biogas_02The first meeting of IMWG for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources (IMWG for EE /RES) within the project “Establishment of the regional support system to the energy efficiency development and renewable energy sources usage in Srem region”, was held in Sremska Mitrovica on August 25, 2017. This project is implemented under the Program for Rural and Regional Development in the Republic of Serbia funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by a partnership consortium led by the consulting organization NIRAS.

Regional Development Agency Srem was an applicant within the above program and the above-mentioned project was approved to RDA Srem.

Regarding the basis of the project activities, is the establishment of energy management in all the municipalities of the Srem district on rational use of energy, as well as the capacity building of the IMWG members for EE/RES in the direction of preparing projects for energy rehabilitation of facilities on the territory of Srem. In the opening statement, RDA Srem Director, Milan Miric, said that the main mission of this project is actually the ambition for the region of Srem, at the end of 2018, is to obtain a completely established energy management system in all municipalities in its territory. This management will be coordinated at the regional level by IMWG EE/RES and RDA Srem, in order for the region to fulfil its obligations in relation to the Second National Energy Efficiency Plan of the Republic of Serbia within the sustainable use of RES.

In addition to energy efficiency, the region will create better conditions for the use of biomass as a local energy-sustaining energy source, which encourages local economic development, especially in rural areas.

The plan of the project’s activities also includes procurement of the modern equipment for energy audits of buildings. This equipment will be available to members of the IMWG for EE/RES, who will perform at least 30 energy audits of the public buildings in the territory of Srem, submit reports and give the recommendation to the municipalities for the selection of facilities for which energy rehabilitation is necessary. The well-timed preparation of technical documentation will enable the more efficient withdrawal of available national and foreign funds for sustainable energy.

The total value of the project is about CHF 194,000, of which CHF 160,000 is a donation, while the co-financing amount is 34,000 CHF. The project will officially last until August 31, 2018.

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