OLD_NEWS_ENGThe project of communal infrastructure in the Sava Basin has started


6morg_savaThe 6th meeting of the Inter-Municipal Working Group (IMWG) for the sewage collection systems and waste water treatment in Srem district was held on 09 July in Sremska Mitrovica.

The theme of the meeting was the presentation of the Working Team of the Institute for Water Resources „Jaroslav Cerni“ and presentation of the terms of reference and proposed methodology of the expert team from the Institute, according to the Agreement for the preparation of preliminary feasibility study with the basic design to protect the Sava River Basin by constructing communal wastewater treatment infrastructure in the region of Srem.

The second part of the meeting was used for a workshop on project cycle management by the PCM model of the EU, which was held by Vladimir Pandurov, a prominent expert on international projects. Attendees, IMWG members, had the opportunity to hear about the methodology of project management and project cycle and thus gain very useful knowledge about the design and requirements of projects called by the EU, which will be of great use when writing new projects and applying in the future and increase the possibility of their approval by the relevant EU institutions.

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