OLD_NEWS_ENGThe project for construction of sewerage infrastructure ready for implementation


morg_sava_IXNinth meeting of IMWG for sewerage systems was held in the premises of the City Administration in Sremska Mitrovica, which brought to an end the initial phase of the project “Protection of the Sava River of the Sava River construction of communal infrastructure of collection, transport and treatment of wastewater in the region of Srem”. The necessary project-technical documentation has been made for the construction of regional municipal infrastructure for wastewater treatment for municipalities Sid, Sremska Mitrovica, Ruma, Irig and Pećinci.

Representatives of the processor – the institute “Jaroslav Černi”, presented the results of work on the Pre-         Feasibility Study with the General Design. Mr. Popović once again reminded that there has been made several variants and that the analysis of annual costs, in relation to investments, imposed solution of construction of a regional sewage system. Complete infrastructure equipment would be realized through four stages that would end by 2050. Regarding that 80% of the sewerage infrastructure had already been built, the first phase is projected by 2020, and it would include the construction of regional collectors, and the continuation of activities at the plant in Simanovci, upgrading networks in Pecinci, construction of utility networks in Sid. This would ensure solving of about 60% of the organic pollution in the Sava basin.

morg_sava_IX_01Ph.D. Svetlana Potkonjak and Sladjana Milojkovic, representatives of the Institute “Jaroslav Cerni”, presented the results of a pre-feasibility study. Both variants were analysed (individual and regional concept) from the financial and socio-economic point of profitability and efficiency. Both concepts are approximate values of investments – about 220 million of euros. On the basis of costs, economic price, reviews justification, personnel, sensitivity, both variants are acceptable.

From the aspect of financing, in accordance with the Paris Conference on Climate Change, Gordana Lazarevic expert for EU funds, presented the possibilities that would enable easier approach to the EU funds. These are, above all, the IPA, HORIZON 2020, the KWF bank. Milan Miric, director of RDA Srem, once again stressed that the presidents of the five municipalities signed an agreement by which the municipalities (with the help of regional and national financial institutions) accept the obligation to finance a project to 30%, while 70% would be financed by grants. That would be the only way to get to the financial resources to continue the implementation phase of the project planned wastewater treatment in Srem and thus raise communal standard of living, achieve the conservation and protection of water and land resources.

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