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Regional Development Agency Srem has just received another confirmation that its work has been recognized at the international level and that the agency as such is becoming one of the leading operators in the region for the preparation and implementation of the most complex and demanding projects.

On Thursday, 06/11/2015 application of the “RU RATING“ project has been officially handed over, and it entered the final selection in the EU Horizon 2020 program („Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy“, call for proposals and beaten 03 – TOPIC: Unlocking the growth potential of rural areas through enhanced governance and social innovation). Scheduled implementation period of the project is 36 months and its value is 5 million Euros. The leader of the project is the University of Turin.

The aim of the project is “To foster a balanced development of rural areas by enabling them to capitalize on their distinctive territorial capital and thus ‘turn diversity into strength”.

RDA Srem, as a member of a consortium of representatives of 10 countries in the past few months actively participated in project preparation and the region of Srem is seen as one of the 10 pilot regions in conducting the application and test new and innovative methods of monitoring the development of rural areas with different characteristics and different levels of development. The activities that will be carried out will be essential for the assessment and validation methodology.

With a perfect organization, working together with colleagues from several countries has been a pleasure but also a great challenge to show that we, as an agency and as a region, are ready for the most demanding projects and partnerships.

We are hoping that the work and time that we have invested will bring the expected results and that the project will be recognized and supported by donors.

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