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City Sremska Mitrovica was the host of the closing conference within the project „Regional initiatives in adapting agriculture to climate changes and sustainable use of water resources for irrigation in Srem“, funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection.

It was a great opportunity to present projects in the field of integrated water management in the region of Srem to the general public and civil institutions of interest. Specific aspects of environmental protection emerged as regional initiatives in the public sector, financed by the EU, the Government of Serbia and the Government of AP Vojvodina, which had been implemented by the Srem municipalities together with Regional Development Agency Srem.

As the most important activity of this project, Bora Obradović, the manager of Regional Initiatives of Srem (RIS) has presented the first phase of the development of the Expert System for ranking and prioritization of irrigation projects in the region Srem, by showing how the different databases of the plots, property, crop structure, water users for irrigation, direct the public to the government databases, namely portal Republic Geodetic Authority. In the Terms of Reference, the criteria for creating the base assessment system has been defined, previously presented by PhD Jonel Subic from the Institute of Agricultural Economics. Further information on the application will be available on the Web domain www.aris.rs and www.rrasrem.rs.

Considering the above mentioned, the conference was an opportunity to promote the project „Promotion of participation of citizens’ associations in projects of integrated management of water resources in the region of Srem showing the model of association of water users for irrigation in agriculture“, funded by the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection. Mr Sasa Kulic, an expert of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, informed the participants on the status of the Law on Associations of water users in agriculture, with a focus on models of association, problems and positive practical results.

Since the RIS was established to represent and promote the interest of citizens to participate in environmental and regional development policy, their opinion will be particularly appreciated thorough participation in the inter-municipal working groups formed by RDA Srem. The common goal is to build the capacity of civil society to develop regional projects that support all municipalities and institutions of importance for the sustainable development of the region Srem.

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