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In the RDA Srem premises the evaluation of the project „Cycling – Danube, the establishment of regional cycling route Srem“ was held, funded by the EU IPA and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). The evaluation conducted Ivan Svetozarević, the manager and member of the evaluation team of the project IPA 2011 Socio-Economic Development of the Danube Serbia Region.

Evaluator was mostly interested in the sustainability of the project, project monitoring and indicators achieved. The project manager of RDA Srem, the project manager Sanja Stupar, presented to Mr Svetozarević all indicators will be monitored during a year period after the establishment of routes Srem, i.e. installation of traffic signalization cycling and biking rest stops along the route Srem. Since the purchase of the bicycle signalization was successfully completed, in the following period it is expected that the production and installation of the mentioned signalization will provide better visibility of the route, information and security of cyclo tourists.

„The project of production and installation of biking rest stops in the cycling route Srem is in the initial stage, and if the funds will be approved, we expect that it could be implemented by the end of this year. Beside these, the project to establish the Sava cycling route is planned which would connect the existing Srem route which, combined with defined connection to the international EuroVelo 6 route and Srijem in Croatia, will make a unique cycling corridor in the entire region. In addition, the Inter-municipal working group for tourism is active and a safe resource for realization of the planned project activities“, explained Sanja Stupar, „which would have a great effect on the flow of tourists and overnight stays, employability, adaptation to the new conditions of the rural economy in the tourism market „.

Based on the impressions during the meeting, Mr Svetozarević praised the previous work, the monitoring and achieving effects, visibility of the project that are excellent recommendations for further implementation of the project, its financing and sustainability.

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