OLD_NEWS_ENGThe agreement for the future of irrigation in Srem


VV_sporazum_01After successfully completing the project of creating “Pre-Feasibility Study with the General Design of Integrated Irrigation system of Srem region”, funded under the EU IPA grant scheme of Socio-economic development of the Danube region in Serbia, the Regional Development Agency Srem signed a cooperation agreement with the Public Water Management Company “Vode Vojvodine” about the realization of this major infrastructure project of regional character.

Looking at the long term, this agreement constitutes the basis for further joint activities and as a first involves peer review of existing technical documentation. Also the complete documentation that would allow PWMC “Vode Vojvodine” to have all the results obtained in the framework of the preparation of Preliminary Feasibility Study with the General Design has been handed over.

VV_sporazum_02Given that it is a capital infrastructure project of great investment value and large multi-year implementation, RDA Srem and PWMC “Vode Vojvodine” are aware of the fact that the project must be implemented in phases with state support and other benefits, which include applications in domestic and international financial funds.

This agreement also represents the foundation of the next joint projects with the theme of irrigation of Srem, primarily through the work of the Inter-municipal working group for agriculture and irrigation and the Project Implementation Unit.

Future cooperation of the RDA Srem and PWMC “Vode Vojvodine” is one example of responsible approach to the implementation of major projects that will improve the image of irrigation in Vojvodina and Serbia as a whole.

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