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II_morg_savaSecond meeting of the Inter-Municipal Working Group (IMWG) for the sewage collection systems and waste water that was held in Sremska Mitrovica, continued work on the project “Protection of the Sava River Basin construction of communal infrastructure of collection, transport and treatment of wastewater in the region of Srem”. The central theme of the meeting was the methodology and preparation of the project at a high-quality and thoughtful manner, so that during and after it’s implementation, it would be apparent in front of the higher levels and became part of shortlisted projects strategically important for the Republic of Serbia.

Mr. Trifunovic, Mayor’s assistant of the Stara Pazova municipality, informed the participants about the difficulties and challenges municipalities of Stara Pazova and Indjija had in the preparation and implementation of their project of the regional system of collection, transport and treatment of wastewater, and also about the struggle to put the project on the list of priority projects of Serbia and in the first line for funding.

RRA Srem forwarded a comprehensive questionnaire to all representatives of the municipalities in order to gather data on the state of development of the municipal sewer system. These data will help the group to request from the future processor preparing expected documentation in the most efficient manner.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the National Agency for Regional Development (NARD), responsible for mapping existing projects in the Republic of Serbia in order to allocate by half of the year six projects worth a total of €50 million on the basis of which the EU could obtain funding.

Director of RDA Srem Milan Miric, has once again drawn attention to the issue of wastewater and expressed his belief that by the end of the project, the team will be able to do a quality basic documentation, after which it will seek to present the project to the funds, national institutions and structures which decide about the national priorities fir the investment in the next period, when it comes to utility infrastructure.

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