OLD_NEWS_ENGSupport to RDA Srem in the process of European integrations


eu_integrationRegional Development Agency Srem and the Ministry for European Integration have concluded Cooperation Agreement in the process of European integration which represents a foundation for more efficient coordination of activities in the process of Republic of Serbia accessing to the European Union with the goal of providing bigger support to local and regional development in the Republic of Serbia.
Purpose of this cooperation is reflected in the need for continual strengthening of capacities for planning, preparing and managing projects financed from the EU funds and other sources of development assistance as well as timely preparation for the absorption of European structural and investment funds.

The role of RDA Srem in the process of achieving this Cooperation is seen in the following: organizing activities in relation to strengthening capacities for planning, preparing and managing projects on the regional level, providing expertise to local self-government for the preparation of projects for applying for sources from the donor’s funds.
All the activities envisaged in this Contract will be realized during 2018.

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