OLD_NEWS_ENGSuccessful completion of the cross-border project Agri Conto Cleen


poljo_zavrsnaCentral agri – food school “Stevan Petrovic Brile” from Ruma, hosted the final conference of the project “The contribution of agriculture to healthy food and clean living environment”. The two-year project funded by the EU through the IPA Cross-border Programme Serbia – Croatia in which the actors except agricultural school as a carrier, were faculties of agriculture in Osijek and Novi Sad, the Croatian Food Agency, the Regional Development Agency Srem, Agricultural Extension Service from Ruma and Agency rural Development of Indjija.

Representatives of the project partners and guests, representatives of the Secretariat for Agriculture, Water and Forestry and the Vojvodina Assembly, in their opening remarks have emphasized the importance of the pioneering enterprise of land analysis in the cross border region on pesticide residues and a great contribution of agriculture to healthy food and the preservation of land, water and air.

The project results, summarized in a specific database, showed that we have preserved land and agricultural products with minimal amounts of harmful substances as well as many opportunities in the direction of education of end users, and this will especially be possible to achieve through the established Educational center in the Agricultural School, unique in Srem region.

According to the observation of all participants, this project had achieved significant partnerships that should continue and result in future work, so that a basic resource – land, could stay preserved and left to enjoy the coming generations.

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