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sremski_proizvodi_01As a partner, Regional Development Agency Srem has taken part in the project “Research on the attitudes of farmers in the Srem District on the possibility of placing domestic products on the domestic tourism market”, whose head is the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Science – Department of Geography, Hospitality and Tourism. The project ends on 03/31/2015 and the results will be presented at the seminar of the advisers of Agricultural Advisory Service of AP Vojvodina.

The main goal of the project is to identify the key factors affecting the promotion and sale of locally produced agricultural products in the territory of Srem from the perspective of farmers on the one hand, and caterers on the other hand, what connects them and what divides. This project, carried out in the Srem region, is the first in a series of planned researches and the results will allow the establishment of guidelines and response to specific requests and needs of agricultural producers, advisory services and caterers, for helping to promote agriculture and rural development in this area.

The results of this project showed that Srem has a number of specific local dishes and drinks based on authentic or organically grown plants or animals, such as Fruska Gora’s linden honey, bermet wine, Sausage from Srem, homemade sausage and Salami from Srem. However, local dishes catering facilities in the area of Srem and the whole Vojvodina is unsatisfactory. It was also shown that the attitudes of the local population towards tourism development may be critical to the success and sustainability of any type of tourism in their area.

After this research, the conclusion is that the possibilities for faster development of agriculture of Srem administrative district in a multifunctional development, which among other things, involves linking agriculture and tourism through mutual product placement of both sectors. The aspect of environmental protection due to environmental effects caused by food transport over longer distances also has an important role. All of these factors contribute to increasing of the importance of locally produced food, because gastronomy can contribute to regional attractiveness, sustainability of the local community and the promotion of cultural heritage, and fostering local identity and sense of belonging to a particular community.

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