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morg5_irigacijaWithin the EU project Development of the General Design with the Feasibility Study of the Integrated Irrigation system of Srem Region Coordinated through the process of the establishment of the Inter-municipal Irrigation Working Group“, the fifth meeting of IMWG group was held in Ruma, on 29th April 2014.

At the meeting the information on all the tender procedures, as well as the presentation of the selected processors were provided.

Team leader for making of the General Design, BCs. Engineer, Mr Goran Nikolić (Institute Jaroslav Cerni) and team leader for the making of the Pre-Feasibility Study, PhD in Economics, Mr Zvonko Brnjas (“Belgrade Banking Academy” with partners in the consortium) presented the team members and reported in detail on upcoming and already executed activities.

In a very constructive atmosphere, RDA Srem Director, Milan Miric, has provided an information on the tender procedure for “Investigation works on identification of the cross sections of existing reservoirs with measuring the runoff while conducting research works in Srem area“. He emphasised that the Contract has already been signed for the Survey and that the tender for “Training in project preparation and FIDIC procedures” has recently been launched.

The overall impressions of the IMWG members are that the selected processors gave high quality implementation plan and that their work and mutually synchronization is of great importance for the project.

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