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mrrls2013RDA Srem, within the Programme of measures for distribution and use of resources to promote regional development in 2013, initiated by the Ministry of Regional Development and Local Government, once again demonstrated its proactivity, initiated and wrote documentation for the three regional projects in cooperation with all seven municipalities of Srem. RDA Srem has once again confirmed its idea of regional cooperation by creating inter-municipal working groups that would lead towards implementation of projects and excellent acceptance of our founders.

The one of the projects is „Protection of the Sava basin by constructing of communal infrastructure of collection, evacuation and wastewater treatment in the Srem region with the formation of a regional institutional framework by establishing the Inter-municipal working group,“- the total value of the project is RSD 16,625,00. Another one is „Development of the Spatial Plan for the Special Purpose for the Regional Water Supply System – East Srem“ worth RSD 12,480,000.

The project „Rehabilitation of the road network of regional significance -“ Grebenski put“ in the area of the National Park“ Fruska Gora “ (linking the Croatian border with the road M22.1, Belgrade-Novi Sad)“ worth RSD 18,500.000 has also been finished.

As always, when it comes to infrastructure, the goal was to get closer to the realization i.e. to the achievement of the highest level of readiness for planning and making of the project-technical documentation so it can compete, easily and effectively, for domestic or foreign funds.

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