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Evaluation of the work of the Accredited Regional Development Agency Srem was realized on 19th February 2013. Milan Vujovic, Danka Arsenović, Ivana Tasić and Dragiša Vasiljević, from the National Agency for Regional Development, carried out the control of the work of RDA Srem. National Agency for Regional Development annual assesses the work of the regional development agencies for the previous calendar year in order to monitor the implementation of the tasks for which it is accredited in accordance with the Law on Regional Development.

Conditions for evaluation of the work of the Regional Development Agency Srem were:

1) That regional agency is accredited in accordance with the Regulation on eligibility,

2) That regional agency is registered in accordance with the Regulations on the content and appearance of a single register of accredited regional development agencies,

3) That it has submitted an annual report on activities to the National Agency and the founders,

4) Report of the National Agency about its control of the RDA in accordance with the Act,

5) That it has submitted information on the Evaluation form.

Criteria for evaluation performance:

1) Institutional criteria,

2) Organizational criteria,

3) Performance criteria attached to support private sector development and regional development,

4) Criteria related to promotional activities.

Members of the committee, Milan Vujovic and Danka Arsenović, express positive impressions of the Regional Development Agency Srem.

Interest in accreditation is obvious, because the act of accreditation of RDA Srem becomes the subject of regional development, which is the goal of our business!

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