OLD_NEWS_ENGRegional cooperation with France


Representatives of the French embassy, Mrs Andrea Guduric, associate for decentralised cooperation, and Mr Joseph Giustiniani, expert for European Integrations, were the eminent guests of RDA Srem. In the cooperation with French government, RDA Srem initialized this meeting with the idea to make contacts with the French Region Pays Adour Landes Océanes (Aquitaine), which is very similar to the Srem region regarding its structure.
The region Pays Adour Landes Océanes (Aquitaine) has significant experiences in realization of EU programs LEADER and in the area of development of tourism in the protected nature reserves, management of forests and development of thermalism. Director of RDA Srem, Mr Milan Miric presented the previous results of RDA Srem and future project activities as well as the potentials of the Region of Srem. The conversation emphasized the potential possibilities for cooperation of these two regions. Certain suggestions were given with the aim of positioning of RDA Srem as a main leader in future regional cooperation with France.

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