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ipardRegional Development Agency has formed a Consortium for the needs of preparing projects following IPARD methodology. Having in mind that the IPARD call for Serbia is open, as well as that the Srem region, as a rural area in its most part, is incorporated in this programme, RDA Srem has formed a mutual team for the project preparation together with the Institute for Economic Sciences and the Institute for the Economy of Agriculture from Belgrade. The goal of this associating is the efficient usage of programme measures and providing consultancy services to potential clients for the project preparation following IPARD methodology.

Services which will be provided to the potential clients will first of all relate to the Service of technical support in all the phases of project cycle by IPARD methodology (from request preparation, to implementing and reporting). This technical support envisages, but is not limited to the following: analysis and acceptability of Investment, collecting and processing necessary data on clients, information of fulfilling national and EU standards, development of necessary technical documents, development of studies, development of a business plan, market research and collecting offers, preparation of application form, providing assistance in obtaining confirmations and licences, providing help in project realization, preparation of reports on realization, administrative-technical services and similar).

In the duration of IPARD calls, RDA Srem will, together with the Consortium, perform permanent activity of promoting and giving information to the users on available measures and conditions for applying. This incorporates cooperation with authorized institutions on national and provincial level, as well as with the institutions which are in charge of public authorizations and which issues documents as auxiliary documentation.

In every possible business, members of the Consortium will engage their most quality human resources taking into account client’s interest, performance of applying and well as credibility of the Consortium itself.
We invite potential clients to call RDA Srem with the goal of considering possibilities for the preparation of requests and realization of project ideas.

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