OLD_NEWS_ENGRDA Srem representatives and EE and RES IMWG members visited biogas plant in Bač


2016_bacThe use of biomass for the production of electricity and heat is becoming more prevalent in Serbia. Since its inception, one of the priorities of RDA Srem was to raise the capacity of its administration in the field of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources (EE and RES).

Thanks to this approach and its role in this area, RDA Srem has been recognized by the private partner, ENESCO Company, to which it has provided technical assistance in the preparation of tender documentation for the construction projects of three power plants for combined production of electricity and heat from biomass and biogas in Bač.

This resulted the approval of a grant from the Ministry of Mining and Energy to the ENESCO Company in November 2015 and marked the beginning of the physical construction of this plant.

Members of the Inter-Municipal Working Group (IMWG) for EE and RES with representatives of RDA Srem, on this occasion visited the construction site of the biogas plant in Bač on 25th May 2016. This plant is in the stage of technical acceptance and the trial run. It has been characterized as a very complex system in the logistics procurement of biomass (agricultural and livestock). The visit was organized by the UNDP program of Serbia within the project “Reducing the barriers to the market of biomass and Serbia”.

We believe that this visit of our local experts, members of EE and RES IMWG is very important for the future activities of RDA Srem in order to build installations that include the use of biomass and the production of energy from alternative sources in Srem. In this sense, RDA Srem has big ambitions and projects, which will soon enter the implementation phase.

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