OLD_NEWS_ENGRDA Srem realized over half a million € through approved EU projects


kepper_dunavskaRegional Development Agency Srem has successfully applied for the financial assistance from EU programme for socio-economic development of the Danube region in Serbia. It is the EU fund of 3.5 million, which is designed to support the development of entrepreneurship, tourism, environmental protection in the Danube region in Serbia. This fund was realized with the support and financial assistance of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), which approved an additional $ 1.5 million of its own funds.

The success of the RDA Srem in this call is measured by the fact that in the competition of 104 projects of other cities and institutions, two projects of RDA Srem were approved worth € 560,000, Agricultural Irrigation of the Srem Region and the Establishment of regional cycling route Srem.

The aim of the implementation of the project is to involve all relevant institutions and stakeholders and through organized Inter-municipal working groups on agriculture and irrigation systems, in order to obtain adequate design solutions. The main result of this project is to create a basic document for the development of irrigation systems, which are under national legislation necessary for its implementation. Technical and economic documentation developed under this project in everything will meet the requirements of international donors and financial institutions, and it will be the basis of any potential financial assistance. It is a project of colossal importance. Previous estimates for the system of irrigation came to the investment value of more than € 500 mill.

Another approved project entitled Establishment of regional cycling routes Srem will provide the preparation of technical documentation and include the Study of the potentials of this route since it mainly passes through the national park of “Fruska gora”.  All aspects of the development of cycling tourism in this part of Srem will be perceived, including natural resources, cultural heritage, and route guidance to the unique monasteries and lakes. The project will include traffic marking of the routes, necessary supporting infrastructure (rest spots, alternative routes, design of the physical construction of the certain sections of the route, etc.). Length of basic direction of the route is 142 km.

Both projects will be realized through the Inter-municipal working groups (IMC groups for agriculture and irrigation and tourism). The goal of RDA Srem is to unify the obvious potentials of the Srem municipalities and competence and knowledge of individuals through the implementation of these projects. In this way, the regional character of the project is enabled as well as possibilities for further financing of EU donors. The realization of projects will start in September 2013 and will last the next 12 months.

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