OLD_NEWS_ENGRDA Srem has provided millions of RSD through projects


Regional Development Agency Srem has succeeded through joint work on projects with the city of Sremska Mitrovica and municipalities Irig Sid to provide funds for projects worth 6.530.000 RSD. These projects are “Formation of the Rural Development Agency of Sremska Mitrovica”,  “The elaboration of the project for pre-feasibility study of the regional water supply system with a solution eastern Srem connecting Ruma and Irig” (that will be implemented by the municipality of Irig), “Introduction of system of monitoring projects named My Project“- the project of the municipality of Sid.Funds are provided from the budget of the Autonomous Province on the competition of Provincial Secretariat of Vojvodina for Inter-regional Cooperation and Local Government. Those resources enable co-financing of projects related to the implementation of the priorities of local strategic plans that contribute to the equalization of the level of development of local communities in Vojvodina and projects that contribute to efficient development of local self-government in the province.

Signing contracts with these municipalities was held in Indjija, 20 December. On that occasion, the provincial secretary, Mr Branislav Bugarski, particularly emphasized the role of Regional Development Agency Srem in the preparation of these projects and their inter-municipal and regional character mainly reflected in the development of infrastructure.

“Our goal is to encourage more infrastructure projects in the region by providing them technical and economic documentation for implementation. So we can more easily get into position to use grant funds for major investment projects as well as loans from financial institutions. For those aims, it is necessary to collaborate better with our regional and municipal administrations for infrastructure projects that have regional, i.e. inter-municipal nature, such as water supply, waste water management, irrigation systems, waste management etc. ” – said Milan Miric, director of the Regional Development Agency Srem.

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