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cbc_rumaIn the premises of the City Hall in Ruma, on March 18, an initial meeting has been held on the upcoming calls for project proposals IPA cross-border program Croatia – Serbia in the organization of Regional Development Agency of Srem (RDA Srem). Guests from Croatia were Ms Gabriela Sting, Head of Department for International Cooperation of Vukovar – Srijemska County, Mr Ivan Rimac, director of the Agency for the Development of Vukovar – Srijemske County “HRAST”. There were also representatives of the Croatian National Council of Vojvodina, Srem municipalities Mitrovica, Stara Sad, Indjija and Ruma and the representatives of PC “Waters of Vojvodina”, PC “The Institute for Urban Planning of Vojvodina” and a project manager of RDA Srem.

Mayor of Ruma, Dragan Panic, emphasizing the importance and effects of cross-border cooperation, welcomed the participants of the meeting. Milan Miric, director of the RDA Srem pointed out that the third call for IPA Cross-border Program Serbia – Croatia project proposals is expected soon and according to that, the topic of the meeting were potential projects, integration of project ideas and finding project partners.

Gabriela Zalac and Ivan Rimac pointed out that the meeting with representatives of municipalities of Srem is the first when it comes to collaboration on projects, but it is certainly the most important for regional projects have the advantage when it comes to EU funding. They also added that they have already prepared projects that, with slight modifications, would be ready for application.

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