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On Thursday, 26 July, the Regional Development Agency Srem (RDA Srem) welcomed a delegation of the United Nations Development Programme in Serbia (UNDP). The UNDP delegation represented Ms Olivera Purić, Ms Maja Matejić and Mr Dragan Stefanovic. Director of RDA Srem, Mr Milan Miric and manager for infrastructure sector, Mr Bora Obradovic, represented RDA Srem agency. UNDP is the UN programme for the social development of member countries. The reason for UNDP visit was presentation of RDA Srem work and talk about possible cooperation between the two sides.

UNDP has an agreement with the Serbian Government in three areas: 1) good governance, 2) promotion of sustainable development, 3) energy efficiency and environmental protection. They stressed out that for them this year is, so-called, pilot year in which they will work with municipalities and collect the necessary information on possible support and implementation of projects in the municipalities. Cooperation between UNDP and RDA Srem can greatly assist municipalities in the region of Srem and Ms Purić was willing to offer technical and programme support.

During the meeting, current projects of RDA Srem were presented and guests positively evaluated the presentation and announced a partnership on one of them. Among other projects, Mr Bora Obradovic originally presented a project of regional system of irrigation in the eastern area of Srem and Fruska Gora. Visibly delighted, guests proposed a partnership on this project and co-operation on the project of waste and wastewater management in Srem municipalities.

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