OLD_NEWS_ENGRDA Srem and CeSID on the joint EU project


In the premises of the RDA Srem in Ruma, CeSID (Centre for Free Elections and Democracy) and RDA Srem held their first meeting in the framework of cooperation on the project “Involving civil society organizations in the energy and climate policies at the local level.” The meeting was attended by Bojan Klacar and Aleksandar Macura, representatives of CeSID, Srdjan Vezmar, director of the RDA Backa, Milan Miric, director of RDA Srem and Zoran Radaković – Project Manager in RDA Srem.

The project is worth € 155,330. The basis for this collaboration has previously been recognized in a very proactive attitude of RDA Srem when it comes to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Last year, in June, RDA Srem initiated the signing of the Inter-Municipal Agreement in the field of EE and RES for the district of Srem.

The immediate task will involve one manager-coordinator of the RDA Srem that will be assigned to work on the project. Therefore, the Agency will increase capacities of the implementation of energy policy and planning to reduce the negative impact on the climate when it comes to Srem.

The result of this project would be development of a Framework Program and a project in the field of energy for which the resources should be sought in national or in EU funds.

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