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Today in the premises of Regional Development Agency Srem (RDA Srem), a press conference was held with the ceremony of accreditation award to RDA Srem. Representatives of the National Agency for Regional Development (NARD): Ivica Ezdenci – Director, ph. D. Slobodan Miletic – Advisor to the Director NARD, Slobodan Miskovic – Head office in Belgrade, Ognjenović Oliver – Head of Planning, preparation and implementation of projects, Ana Nikolic, Senior Advisor for Public Affairs attended the event. Miodrag Jovovic – Deputy Secretary for inter-regional cooperation and local government, and Nenad Borovic, the first President of the founding Assembly of RRA Srem, along with other founding members of the Assembly also attended the ceremony.Ms Natasha Cvjetkovic, Mayor of the Municipality of Sid in the role of Chairperson of the RDA Srem founding Assembly, addressed to the present guests and media representatives highlighting the importance of accreditation of RDA agency Srem and its important role when it comes to regional development and further expectations in the future development of the region of Srem.
Mr Ezdenci said that the RDA Srem has now become an official entity in the regional development, which allows implementation of measures and programs relevant to the balanced regional development on the territory of Srem. This means an active contribution to the socio – economic development of Srem and local governments in its territory. A special aspect of RDA Srem will apply to the small and medium enterprises, to which a wide range of services will be offered through substantial budget resources to increase their competitiveness.
Mr Miric has noted that the RDA Srem, by gaining accreditation, has received direct confirmation that it gained position of a leader of regional development in the region. This confirms that the EU Delegation in Serbia, by giving support to the RDA Srem agency, recognized the institution that will strengthen the connections of private, public and civil society to become and support the development of Srem, Vojvodina and the region as a whole.

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