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mrslsImplementation of three projects financed by the Provincial Secretariat for Interregional Cooperation and Local Government has begun within the region of Srem. Projects last five months and the total value of the projects is about 5 million RSD .The Funds have been approved for the Call for co-financing of the improvement capacities and management capacities of local governments.

Municipality of Sid has approved the introduction of “ System 48 hours „, which will enable faster and more efficient solving communal problems throughout the whole territory of the local government. At the same time, Municipality of Stara Pazova and Pećinci  introduce a system for managing projects,         “My Project “ that  will create conditions for the systematic and efficient preparation, management and implementation of future projects in these two municipalities.

Through these projects, local governments will continue to work on the harmonizing and standardization of the functioning of the institutional and management capacities in order to be reached all across the Srem.

RDA Srem, as a partner in all these projects, has written the applications, and will participate directly in all stages of implementation through additional trainings and provide all other necessary assistance.  In these projects, colleagues from RDA Banat are also engaged in order to perform software implementation and conduct the professional trainings.

In this way, once again, the good cooperation RDA Srem and local governments has proved that the good cooperation provides the best result that manifests the best quality of working together.

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