OLD_NEWS_ENGPresentation of the first draft of the strategy document


morg_8_irigacijaThe 8th meeting of the Inter-municipal working group on agriculture and irrigation (EEG), was held on 14 October 2014, at Hotel Park in Ruma, where within the Integrated Project irrigation system in the region of Srem,  the first results of work on the preparation of Pre-Feasibility Study with general design of the regional water supply system Srem were presented.

The meeting was attended by representatives of all municipalities of Srem, representatives of water companies in Srem, Voda Vojvodine and the director of the Institute for Urban Planning of Vojvodina, Mr. Vladimir Zelenovic with associates. Milan Miric, director of the Regional Development Agency of Srem, the manager of the project, informed the participants about the current status of the project.

Mr. Nikolic, representative of the „Jaroslav Cerni“ institute, presented the results of general master plan of integrated water supply system of Srem, emphasizing the importance of the project for improving irrigation in Srem.

Representative of the Belgrade Banking Academy, PhD Zvonko Brnjas, presenting the Preliminary Feasibility Study of the regional water supply system of Srem, pointed out that the agricultural production will have greatest benefit from irrigation and also whole region of Srem.

Improving irrigation project in the region of Srem under the auspices of the Danube Strategy is financed from the EU funds and the Austrian Development Agency. It covers a total of 225,000 hectares of land , divided into 5 areas and has 30 stages of implementation, while the total funding of the project is 425.000 euros.

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