OLD_NEWS_ENGPresentation of the draft version of the Pre-Feasibility Studies for four biogas plants in Srem



Regional Development Agency Srem, in partnership with the German organization GIZ DKTI is implementing a project entitled “Development of sustainable bioenergy market in the region of Srem”. Today’s workshop, organized in hotel “Park” in Ruma for the representatives of media and civil society and the aim was improving knowledge regarding initiation and implementation of projects of biogas production, which the representatives of these organizations would use in their further professional work.

Milan Miric, Director of RDA Srem opened the meeting expressing his thanks to the representative of GIZ DKTI, Ms. Zorica Crisolli for having confidence in the region of Srem and finance the preparation of a Pre- feasibility study for four biogas stations in selected farms in Srem.

Since the biogas plants in Serbia are still insufficiently developed, introductory presentation on the possibility of building power plants on biogas in the framework of family farms, held Goran Knežević, representative of the Green Mile Team, Ltd. Novi Sad, processor of the Study. In addition to the very essence of biogas plants, Mr. Knezevic has highlighted the whole set of regulations adopted by the Government of Serbia and favourable feed – in tariffs that are current to the end of next year. Additional benefits include improved treatment of organic waste material such as animal manure, the production of heat energy that can be used for holding itself, a reduction of unpleasant odors, the reduction of the greenhouse effect. By using electricity from renewable sources, Serbia is approaching the environmental standards of the European Union, achieved an increase in revenue at the local level, a holding gain energy independence, which can play a major role in business and development planning in the future.

giz_morg_02Considering that the preparation of the above mentioned Study was one of the activities in the project and is the main result, today’s event provided an opportunity holding of the IV Meeting of the Inter-municipal working group for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (IMWG for EE / RES) within the GIZ  DKTI support. It presents the current results of the Studies for four biogas plants in Srem, i.e. for four selected farms.

After the presentation of the Study, members IMWG for EE / RES unanimously gave their approval to the draft version of the study.

At the end of the meeting, the project has been presented with which RDA Seem applied to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), within Support Program rural and regional development in the Republic of Serbia. Through the project, it is planned to establish an energy management in all municipalities of Srem and a regional centre for sustainable development and support energy efficiency and renewable energy with a focus on biomass. It is particularly important activity of making energy audits of public buildings in Srem municipalities in accordance with the rational use of energy, which would contribute to the reduction of primary energy use and region of Srem to become “Green region”.

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