OLD_NEWS_ENGPreparatory activities on the development of spatial plans in Srem


uvid_smTwo very important events of fundamental importance for our region were held at the previous period. Those were „early public accesses“ of materials for the development of the Spatial Plan for special purpose areas of Integrated Irrigation System of the Srem region and the Spatial Plan for special purpose areas of the regional water supply system „East Srem“.

The conditions for the development of these plans are met on the basis of previously prepared documentation (feasibility study and general project) for which the financing and development was issued by the RDA Srem. Processor and designer of these plans is The Jaroslav Cerni Institute for the Development of Water Resources. Formal commissioner and financer of the Spatial Plan is the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection, and the processor is the Planning Institute of Vojvodina.

uvid_ruPublic presentations were held by the Provincial Secretary and his assistant, in Sremska Mitrovica on June the 23rd and in Ruma on July the 3rd 2015, in order to inform the public about the upcoming steps, with the general object and purpose of drafting the plan, possible solutions for the development of special purpose areas as spatial area and the effects of planning.

This is an important step towards the physical realization of these projects and further actions to this have already been taken.


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