OLD_NEWS_ENGPreparatory activities for the purpose of developing spatial plans


PPPPN_urbanizamIn the past year, RDA Srem has launched some of the largest infrastructure projects in the region. At a meeting in Novi Sad, Planning Institute of Vojvodina, as the main processor of the plans significant for AP Vojvodina, fully supported the initiative for the development of spatial plans for special purposes (SPSP) for a regional system of irrigation and regional water supply system „East Srem“ – projects that the RDA Srem with their municipalities developed over the past years.

The meeting was held with the aim of ascertainment and validation of input data and other elements necessary for making these types of spatial plans.

As a continuation of the preparatory activities, the meeting will be held soon where competent institutions and institutions which provide the technical requirements and information of relevance to spatial planning and construction of new facilities for spatial plans will be familiar with them.

There is no doubt this is one of the necessary steps towards the creation of conditions for the start of the physical realization of strategic infrastructure projects in Srem.


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