OLD_NEWS_ENGPreconditions for the Spatial Plan of irrigation


mapa_sremBased on the Pre-Feasibility Study and the General Project of Integrated Irrigation system of Srem Region – a document realized by the RDA Srem within the framework of the grant scheme of the Danube Strategy, the preliminary work on the development of the Spatial Plan for special purpose areas of irrigation started. The creation of this physical plan entered the annual program of operations of the Planning Institute of Vojvodina in 2015.

In cooperation with the designers of the Institute for Water Resources ‘Jaroslav Černi’ and within the framework of preparatory activities for the preparation of the Plan, presentation of the ‘General Project of Integrated Irrigation system of Srem Region’ was organized on 02/26/2015 in the premises of the Institute.

The goal of the spatial plan is to determine planning decisions of regional irrigation system of Srem, determining the impact on nature and the environment and ensuring sustainable use of natural resources and their quality improvement in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

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