OLD_NEWS_ENGPotential work zones of Srem District were presented


JPurbanizam_zoneIn order to carry out an intensive campaign of promotion of the work zones on the territory of AP Vojvodina, City of Sremska Mitrovica in cooperation with the Regional Development Agency Srem hosted the presentation of the “Study schedule work zones in AP Vojvodina”, which was held by The Urban Institute of Vojvodina. On this occasion, the emphasis was on work zones which are located in Srem, so the representatives of local governments in the region of Srem, Srem Chamber of Commerce and RRA Srem attended the meeting.

In order to promote the potential development of municipalities of Srem region and quickly and accurately show the locations available to investors, a detailed and efficient manner was presented using Google Earth. Availability locations included a series of precise data for each zone: human resources, property relations, valid spatial – planning documentation, the level of infrastructural facilities, purpose, geostrategic position, the link with regional centers.

Work zones study through the work program of The Urban Planning Institute of Vojvodina, began to be implemented in 2013 and has so far met the criteria for treatment of 39 zones. The plan is, depending on available funds in the budget, to incorporate into the study all available work zones in AP Vojvodina.

City of Sremska Mitrovica and the municipalities of Srem increasingly recognize the newly created conditions and a new situation which is opening up before them and is about to be more open with the further involvement of the State and the Province in international flows. That will provide support of RDA Srem through the definition of capital infrastructure projects, national and EU funds with the aim of balanced development of the Srem region.

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