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In the premises of the Development Bank of Vojvodina (DBV) an initial meeting was held between the representatives of the Bank and the Regional Development Agency of Srem. The topic of the meeting was a  discussion of the possibility of the cooperation between these two institutions in terms of joint development projects that could more effectively contribute to the economy of Srem, but also to help citizens through the development of specific banking services and products of micro credit lines.

Representatives of the RDA Srem, Mr Milan Miric and Mr Zoran Radaković presented the main activities and the role of the Agency on the plan of projects and other activities, but also pointed out the necessity of cooperation of these two institutions related to the region of Srem. The Agency paid special attention to the nature of the projects run by the RDA Srem, its role in the projects as well as the ways of financing and closing of financial and budgetary structures. These projects often include bank money or favourable loans for the implementation of important strategic projects that are primarily concerned with the development of infrastructure, rural areas, agriculture, tourism, and so on.

Representatives of the Development Bank of Vojvodina, Mr Goran Kostic – The member of the executive board , and Mrs Jelena Cvjetan – Directorate for managing business projects, agreed that cooperation is necessary and desirable and that it should be developed according to models of cooperation of the development banks and development agencies in the region and in the EU. DBV bank has already sent  its representatives to international seminars and is familiar with some of the ways of cooperation with other development institutions.

It was agreed that future mutual exchange of ideas and concepts that later might be followed by implementation through finding of the specific models of support of the DBV bank with logistic assistance and partnership with the RDA Srem.

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