OLD_NEWS_ENGOfficial visit of EU monitor to RDA Srem


gashiIn the premises of the RDA Srem, a monitoring of the project “Agriculture Contribution towards Clean Environment and Healthy Food” was held on the 25th April 2014. The project is funded by the EU IPA, within the second call for proposals for CBC – SER-CRO. The main applicant is the Agriculture School “Stevan Petrovic Brile” Ruma and RDA Srem is a partner in the project.

The project monitor, Marko Luan Gashi, was mostly interested in if implementing project activities are realized in timely manner, what is and how the communication is set up between the partners, if there are any problems during implementation of tendering procedures and how the visibility of the project is provided.

Jovana Dimov, the assistant project manager, presented that the tender activities are realized on time and that the project is implemented according to the project proposal plan.

Milan Miric, director of the RDA Srem and Sanja Stupar, coordinator of the project activities, emphasized good communication and cooperation with the applicant and active participation in the activities conducted. Additional suggestions and recommendations were given by the monitor,highlighting the importance of the ability of the project promotion in the future period.


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