OLD_NEWS_ENGMunicipalities of Srem started signing the Inter-municipal agreements on management the implementation of regional projects


sporazum_rumaAfter several meetings with its founders and representatives of our relevant national and provincial authorities and professional institutions in the field of infrastructure projects (Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, Department of Management and Technology in construction), followed a phase of signature of an adopted text of Inter-municipal agreement on the management and implementation of regional projects in the Srem District. The agreement was initiated by the Regional Development agency Srem (Srem RDA). The Agreement provides the establishment of Project Implementation at RDA Srem, and other working bodies such as Municipality Forums, Coordinating bodies and Inter-municipal working groups. All this was recognized as a unique and innovative approach to the management of regional development that is a key factor in the current stage of development and prosperity of Serbia.

The intention is the verification of Inter-municipal agreement by the municipal councils of all municipalities of Srem in the shortest possible time form the Project Implementation Unit and the establishment and the so-called Inter-municipal working groups. These working groups will be established according to the Project infrastructure areas in order to prepare infrastructure projects. In this way, the basic requirements would be achieved and successful projects would be implemented only by engaging local resources and in accordance with the interests related to the joint regional projects identified.

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