OLD_NEWS_ENGMonitoring of project implementation of the Danube Strategy


ADA_2_rrasrem_01As part of the regular monitoring and achievement evaluation, the second monitoring was held in the premises of RDA Srem regarding the project “Integrated system of irrigation in the region Srem” and in the premises of the CCS for the project “Establishment regional cycling routes Srem”, financed by the EU IPA and the Austrian Development agency (ADA). The managers of ADA held the monitoring, Milan Polak and Biljana Jončić. Representatives of the project managers on both projects were also present at the meeting.

Monitoring as a continuous activity of the project management process, has been implemented with the aim of checking whether the projects are implemented in a timely and designed plan manner. If the results are obtained corresponding to the results provided by the plan of activities within a defined time, budget and in a quality manner using resources efficiently, and with minimal procedural changes agreed.

Pursuant to the proposed measures and instructions for further proceedings in the implementation of project activities that derived from the results of the first monitoring, project managers of RDA Srem and SPK reported to the ADA monitors on the status of projects. The activities on the project have to be realized in the line of the proposed action plans, indicators of project results achieved, the problems that are encountered during implementation and capabilities to implement projects within the stipulated time. Way of promoting is a segment of project implementation that was a significant indicator to the monitors that the project and the donor are visible to the donor in the region.

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