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spk_bikeIn the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of Srem (CCS ), the first meeting of the working group Inter-municipal  working group on Tourism (IMWG) marks  the beginning of the project “Danube Bike – establishing regional cycling routes in Srem“. The project was approved under the Grant Scheme of        “Socio-economic development of the Danube region in Serbia“, which was funded by the IPA and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

Institutional base for the establishment of the Inter-municipal working group is the “Inter-municipal agreement for the management and implementation of regional projects in the Srem District ,” and    “Rules of Procedure of inter-municipal working groups”.

Milan Bozic, the President of CCS and director of RDA Srem, Milan Mirić, opened the meeting welcoming the IMWG members and wishing them a successful work. After the introduction the MORG members introduced  themselves as well  the representatives of the partners: the City of Sremska Mitrovica, Sid, National Park Fruska Gora and RDA Srem and MORG members – representatives of the municipalities, contributors to the project: Ruma, Pećinci, Stara Pazova , Irig Indjija and municipalities of  Beocin and  Backa Palanka .

Director of RDA Srem, Milan Mirić, informed the participants about the basic information on the Danube call and on the concept, role and work plan of the IMWG in the preparation and implementation of regional projects. Sanja Stupar, project manager in RDA Srem, presented the project after which the participants agreed on the upcoming tasks and methods of work in order to ensure the effectiveness and continuity of all phases of implementation of the project.

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