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VII_morg_SavaSeventh Session of the Inter-Municipal Working Group (IMWG), for sewage collection systems and wastewater treatment in Srem district was held on 29th September 2015, in Sremska Mitorvica.

Representatives of the Institute for the Development of Water Resources “Jaroslav Cerni”, engaged in the development of the General Design, presented the methodology necessary for exploration of the real situation on the terrain in order to collect as much as possible relevant data for quality completion of General Design (GD) for protection of the Sava River Basin. Presentation by Mr. Miodrag Popovic referred to the continued work on the development of the first part of the dossier of the GD, defined by the Terms of Reference as well as the realization of the services GD protection of the Sava River Basin construction of communal infrastructure, channelling, drainage and treatment of urban wastewater. Creating such a demanding multidisciplinary GD is divided into several phases: data collection that include previous work, analyzing the quantity and quality of water used, the basic settings of sewage systems, variant analysis of capabilities for solving wastewater in residential areas and the proposal of the design concept.

Mr. Vladimir Jelenković, as a leading technologist in the Institute “Jaroslav Cerni”, continued the presentation displaying images of existing facilities on the terrain with technological analyses and interpretations about the wastewater treatment plants. The comments referred on the existing situation and suggestions for the improvement considering that the condition of the existing plants varies from completely inactive to the latest modern plant in Šimanovci.

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