OLD_NEWS_ENGGrebenski road from Iriski Venac to Zmajevac ready for reconstruction


Irig_docsRegional Development Agency Srem, in accordance with the plan of activities, is continuing the realization of the project “Cycling Tourism toward Rural and Regional Development Srem”, financed by Swiss Agency for cooperation (SDC).  The focus is on Srem and Sava cycling routes with the network of alternative sections, which constitute a unique tourist product in the region.

Srem cycling route extends over the ridge of Fruska Gora, using the existing Grebenski Road which is in a really poor state and thus, the project activity included the production of project documentation for rehabilitation of Grebenski road on Fruska Gora, road section Iriski Venac – Zmajevac 4.7 km. The authorized designer is company MHM Projekt from Novi Sad.

Considering that thus conditions have been met for the application in national and EU funds for physical works on the improvement of road section, and the municipality of Irig is an investor, the director of RRA Srem Milan Miric delivered Main design of increased maintenance of Grebenski road on Fruska Gora, from the crossroads with a state road of first order IB-21 (Novi Sad – Ruma) to the crossroads with a state road of second order number IIB-313 (Rakovac-Vrdnik), together with a report of technical control to the president of the municipality Irig Stevan Kazimirovic for further use.

If it is known that the municipality of Irig has finished the restoration of section of Grebenski road from Iriski Venac to hotel “Norcev” 3.5km long, and that the municipality of Indjija is continuing the reconstruction of the section of the same road from the hotel “Norcev” to Banstol 9km long, then the significance of this technical documentation is even greater because it allows for the renovation and reconstruction of Grebenski road, which is the vital part of the development of tourism of Fruska Gora, and thus provides a safer use for tourists and surrounding population.

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