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siepa2013Regional Development Agency Srem, in cooperation with the Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA), organized the presentation on the 28th March 2013, in Pecinci, with the topic “program to encourage competitiveness and internationalization of the Serbian economy”. The program of the call of proposals presented Anastasia Akimova and Mirjana Aleksić. In order to strengthen the international competitiveness of the Serbian economy SIEPA eighth year in a row awarded grant funds to finance the activities of small and medium enterprises that contribute to increased exports of the Republic of Serbia. For this year, the total fund is RSD 110 mill. The aim of awarding of these funds is to provide strong support for the process of internationalization and strengthening the competitive capacities of domestic enterprises.

Representatives of entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises from the Srem region who want or are engaged in export and which are the most direct way to obtain information on this call, attended the presentation.

Tanja Mijajlović, the associate for SMEs, once again has confirmed that the RDA Srem wants to present, in a proper way, organized activities and program of awarding grants to the representatives of SMEs in order to increase the number of new users of financial assistance.

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