OLD_NEWS_ENGFirst consultations on the approved rural regional initiatives in Srem



In the premises of the Regional Development Agency Srem, the first meeting was held regarding the approved initiatives in the framework of the project Support to rural and regional development in the Republic of Serbia, financed by the Swiss Agency for Cooperation, SDC. Three regions in Serbia have applied for funds (Srem, Mačva and Šumadija) and approved a total of five initiatives, of which two approved were RDA Srem initiatives: “Model of integrated regional development based on broad consensus and partnership of stakeholders in the development of rural tourism in the region of Srem” and the other one is “Incentives on the use of biomass integrated in the system of regional support for the development of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in the region of Srem”. For the first phase of implementation of these initiatives 1,620,000 CHF will be allocated and they will last until January 2019.

The project team leader, John Gallagher, with his associate and RDA Srem project attended the meeting. The most important information is related to the dates of the beginning of the project activities, implementation schedule, ways of financing and co-financing. RDA Srem managers presented the initiatives and project proposals, that showed they are strategically based on regional principle which is particularly important for donors, but also for the sustainability of the initiative, the effects and results of project.

Mr John Gallagher pointed out that at the moment is extremely significant that until January 2017 a precise plan of project activities with the development models of good governance, the processes of inclusion and made models of good practice. This is particularly important if it known that the second phase of the SDC program occurs after 2019, it will last for 3 years with greater financial resources. For projects that are now well-rated, will mean a secured funding for the next phase of development.

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