OLD_NEWS_ENGFifteen million reasons for the development of Vojvodina


Today in a rustic building of the Fantast Castle in Becej, a conference was held with the theme of creation of joint projects and strengthening of inter-municipal cooperation in border regions of Hungary and Serbia. The organizers of this conference are accredited Agencies for Regional Development – Regional Development Agency Srem, Regional Development Agency Backa, Regional Center for Socio-Economic Development – Banat, with the support of Fund  for European Affairs of Vojvodina.
The conference was organized to make the announcement of the IPA Cross-border cooperation between Serbia and Hungary worth € 15 million. The aims of the conference were to provide support to the units of local government for the preparation and implementation of project ideas according to the priorities of the National Strategy of Regional Development and Local Government strategies. Those projects should contribute creating favourable conditions for the promotion of regional identity and a more rapid development of AP Vojvodina and the border areas.
The representatives of the municipalities of Vojvodina, the Offices for Local Economic Development and representatives of accredited regional development agencies attended the event. All participants and guests from Hungary were welcomed by the organizers of the conference with a desire for successful implementation of inter-municipal, border and international cooperation through the presentation of the projects that would enhance the socio-economic development.

Public invitation for submission of project applications is open until 30thMay, 2012.

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