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In the municipality of Šid, the first, of eight planned meetings of the Inter-Municipal Working Group (IMWG), for environmental protection and risk management was held today in the framework of the project “The response to emergency situations-NOW” (Eng. Emergency Response – NOW).

Approving the cross-border project, in which the municipality of Sid is defined as a leader on the project and the City of Sremska Mitrovica as partner, the operational conditions for the formation and operation of IMWG in Srem have been acquired. Partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina are Brcko District and the municipality of Brod, whose representatives also attended the meeting. Regional Development Agency Srem provides the technical assistance on the project.

Institutional basis for the formation of this body makes the “Inter-municipal agreement on the management and implementation of regional projects in Srem” and “Rules of Procedure of the inter-municipal working groups”. According to these documents the presidents of the municipalities of Srem, directors and managers of other institutions propose members for the IMWG.

The objective of the establishment and operation is IMWG is to combine all available institutional and individual capacities and achieve professional cooperation in the preparation and implementation of regional projects in the field of environmental protection and disaster management.

The expected result of the project, which will last 18 months and whose total value is € 555,000, is to create basic documents that will enable the improvement of the activities of the bodies and institutions responsible for the protection and rescue in emergencies in the region of Srem. This will include the cross-border region in BIH, as well as raise capacity and improve resource units for civil protection and rescue teams in emergencies through the provision of specialized machinery and equipment and all this in order to improve the safety of property and people in areas prone to flooding.

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