OLD_NEWS_ENGESCO concept – RDA Srem and Ruma municipality together towards savings


escoMunicipality of Ruma is one of the first in Serbia with the support and coordination of RDA Srem, held a working meeting with representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development            (EBRD) and their partners responsible for implementing the project of establishing the suitable framework for ESCO projects in the public sector , GFA Consulting Group (GFA).

The purpose of the meeting was the presentation of the EBRD Regional Energy Efficiency Programme in Serbia and discussion on potential cooperation. Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection, which is preceded by the National Working Group which was established in order to guide and coordinate the project activities, which suggested that the implementation of pilot projects  start as soon as possible to allow the process of improving the legal framework is closely associated with project implementation in practice.

So far, Ruma municipality has made specific steps regarding the energy efficiency, particularly in the field of public lightening and it will have the opportunity to be one of the “chosen“.

Mayor of Ruma municipality, Dragan Panic and his team from the Directorate for construction, in the following weeks together with a team of GFA responsible for the technical support, will make the analysis of potential projects and after that an official letter of intent will be sent, which would be processed and started.

RDA Srem once again managed to put the Srem region in the first plan representing both the domestic and foreign institutions. The future period will provide conversations about the expansion of the program through a unique system of work of the Inter-municipal working groups in the region.

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