OLD_NEWS_ENGWith the Provincial Secretary about strategic projects in Srem


bjelic_2016At the invitation of the newly appointed Provincial Secretary, Mr Ognjen Bjelic, in the premises of the Provincial Secretariat for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government a meeting was held with representatives of RDA Srem. At the meeting, RDA Srem was represented by director of RDA Srem, Milan Miric, and the assistant, Zoran Radakovic. Provincial Secretary informed the participants about the new organization of the Secretariat as well as the fact that under the new competences of the Secretariat the regional development is included. The need for close cooperation with RDA Srem was emphasized and the priorities in this cooperation, which will include support for local governments to identify projects that are of strategic importance and significance for the citizens on their territory. 

Besides the new organizational concept of the Secretariat, the Secretary  introduced the new concept of intermediary institutions in AP of Vojvodina to deal with regional development, preparation and support to the projects.

Director Milan Miric thanked for the invitation and emphasized the important fact that the regional development has entered the jurisdiction of the Secretariat, and also introduced the concept of RDA Srem work and its institutional framework which is very significant in the implemention of regional projects in Srem. Secretary was  presented the strategic infrastructure projects in Srem, conducted by RDA Srem, representing the project priorities for the period 2016-2020.

An agreement was reached to organize a joint meeting of all presidents of municipalities of Srem together with representatives of RDA Srem in September, where will Secretary Bjelic take part in, and on which regional development in Srem will be thematized.

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