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Director of Regional Development Agency of Srem, Mr Milan Miric, handed over a project technical documentation for the installation of solar collectors for pre-schools in the municipalities of Sid and Irig to the representatives of these municipalities. Value of the project is 1.478.000 RSD. Solar panels will be used for the process of heating water in four kindergartens in Srem.

In 2010, Regional Development Agency of Srem was the initiator of the Inter-Municipal Agreement for implementation of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in public and communal institutions.


This agreement was signed on 30 June 2010 in   Sr. Mitrovica by all municipalities of Srem. “Besides, this Agreement provides activity and planned approach to local policy regarding energy planning since the essence of this agreement is to get as much working on the project of technical documentation for the installation of such systems. Now, with this project and technical documentation we can seek together with our municipalities other funds to finance the installation of these systems and  raise awareness about the use of renewable sources and reducing energy consumption “- said the director Milan Miric.

RDA Srem will continue to support projects in the area because they form a significant part of the development potential of Srem.

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