OLD_NEWS_ENGThe 17th Assembly of RDA Srem founders was held


XVII_skupstinaDirector of RDA Srem, Milan Miric, presented the business and financial plan of RDA Srem for 2016. It was pointed out that the RDA Srem, as an accredited agency, plans to continue cooperation with the Development Agency of Serbia and competent ministry of economy and other ministries as well The key activity of RDA Srem will be to continue the development of regional infrastructure projects and preparing applications for regional development programs and municipal projects announced by the Ministry of Economy. Priority projects in 2016. will be Integrated irrigation system of the Srem region, Regional water supply system “Eastern Srem”, Protection of the Sava River Basin including energy efficiency and renewable energy sources and posting of bicycle signalization on the regional cycle route Srem.

Mr Miric has also presented the information on the formation and registration of the NGO “Regional Initiatives of Srem” emphasizing the necessity of the establishment of such a non-profit organization since there are significant funds that it can apply to when it comes to regional initiatives in the area of civil society. NGO “Regional initiatives Srem” has already applied on several projects for both domestic and EU funds.

It was concluded that RDA Srem is expecting the following year to be positive business year regarding the planned project preparation and rationally defined business policy.

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